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    Hi all,

    I am upgrading pentaho from version 4 to version 6. I am continuing the work from 4 years ago. Now in Pentaho 4 everything works. But when i when I import the files into version 6 I get errors. The problem lies within this piece of code which i can't seem to understand.

    call getturnoverpermonth(${company},${year},${year_compare},${consolidated})

    This is a part of the Datasource panel in the query section

    What does this call function do and where dus it get its function from ? is it a jacvascript file ?

    Thanks for your answers

    Wouter Belmans
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    Is "getturnoverpermonth" a database procedure?

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    I was thinking the same. but I don't have access to the database because i am an intern. but it's probaly most likely a database procedure then ?

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    Yes, if that "call xxxx" is in a SQL datasource, then you are dealing with a stored procedure. Without access to the database (or at least the permission to run that procedure) you won't have much luck.
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