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Thread: Reading only one row from multiple text files

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    Question Reading only one row from multiple text files

    I'm reading a lot of text files in a folder with the text file input.

    I'm using the wildcard ".*txt" to read all of them.

    I want to know how to read only one row of each file (for example: row 3 of each one).

    How do I do that?

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    Make your transformation read only a single file and provide the filename as a parameter.
    In a job, use a transformation to detect files using Get-File-Names and pipe them out with Copy-Rows-To-Result.
    Then, add your transformation, adjust settings using options "Copy previous results to parameters" and "Execute for every input row".
    So long, and thanks for all the fish.

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    You could do a sample rows step, specifying row nr 3. But that wouldn't close the stream so you'd still have to read the entire file. The only way I've found to close the stream (to finish faster) is to use User Defined Java Class where you can close a stream any way you want. You'd still have to read the lines up to nr 3 though.

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    Reading a certain row from a text file is best done by specifying the total number of rows to read and the number of rows to skip in Text-File-Input.
    A lot can be done with scripting, besides spoiling a true dataflow design by unnecessarily introducing procedural code.

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