Greetings all.

I would like to build a phone number dimension (for use in a data model) where I will have a list of phone numbers and I'd like to add columns such as city/state/country data, isValid, etc.

Google Code has a project:

but I don't see a readily available API for it (that is, no hosting service I see that I can, say, send JSON to).

So, I'm not sure 'how' I can leverage the available *.jar files they have and KETTLE to do this - any leads I can read/research/test? I am a moderate kettle user, but never attempted anything this 'interesting' if you will.

My thinking is there has to be a way to pass this list of numbers to 'something' that returns all the parms, but the 'how the something works' is something my rookie mind is lost at right now.

Again, looking for some conversation/direction/ideas.

Many many thanks!