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Thread: Recommended JDK and MySQL connector for pdi-ce-5.0.1-stable

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    Default Recommended JDK and MySQL connector for pdi-ce-5.0.1-stable

    Hi all:

    I'm trying to find some information about recommended JDK and MySQL 5.5.X connector for the latest CE release of PDI.

    My environment:

    - Client: Debian Wheezy 7.0.X
    - Client JDK: ?
    - Repository Server: Centos 5.10.
    - Repository database: 5.5.35-1
    - Destination Server: Debian Squeeze 6.0.X
    - Destination Database: MariaDB 5.3

    Any expert recommendations for JDK and connector?

    Thanks in advance!

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    To connect to a MySQL database, in the latest PDI there's the Marketplace and you can get a plugin for connecting to MySQL.
    I haven't tried it yet, but that's what it's for.
    Or you can download the Java connector from the database website - MySQl or Maria and drop it into your lib forlder (data-integration/lib)
    -- Mick --

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    Thanks for your answer.

    However, that was not my question. We've been using kettle 4.X and mysql connector (latest) for years, with sun JDK 1.6.

    Now we've moved to Debian Wheezy (with openjdk-1.6) and we've been experiencing some issues (slow data previews, problems with repository database connection, unexpected software freezes...) with PDI 4.4. We are upgrading now to PDI 5.0.1 and would be interested in knowing which versions of the JDK and Mysql connector are more suitable for this use.

    We're trying the latest version of Oracle JDK 1.7 right now, but still are experiencing rather slow XLS previews (I'm talking about small files with only one hundred rows and ten columns or so).

    It's true that the hardware of the PC running PDI is old, but it was working nicer with Windows before (with sun JDK). We're trying to solve this problem, and the first thing that came to our mind was to check which was the recommended Java JDK for this version of Kettle. But we cannot find any docs about it...


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    I am using above jar connector and using java 1.8, mysql. every thing going well.

    Please check and let me know if you need more info.

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