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Thread: Get everthing on just one file

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    I'm doing an transformation, and since i'm just an beginner on kettle i would like to have some help from you...
    This is for university so just academic interest.
    I have an text file (logfile.log) where i have some parts that are xml. These parts of text starts with xml header and then the root tag is <root>.
    I'm using Regex Evaluator to pick 2 groups <root></root> and other part (number with 14 digits and an letter).
    Then using a filter i get only lines where de digitis are present.
    After i do the sort ascending using the digits field.

    Now my problem is that i have 4 steps to get data from xml, and they work good, but at the end i need to create only one xml file like this:
    <partreceived> </partreceived>
    <receivedxml> </receivedxml>
    <partprocessingstart> </partprocessingstart>
    <partprocessed> </partprocessed>

    and those fields inside PCB needs to be from the serial number (14digits) and i don't know you to make that. I was trying for long time, and need help.
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