I have a job as given in the screenshot

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I have grouped this 3 transformations as the properties/ variables used in these 3 transformations are same ( These are the variables which is set using a "Set Variable" transformation by reading from a property file )

Now I need to think about restarting of transformations (t1,t2 or t3) if any one of them failed - Is it possible to restart a transformation ?

I have gone through this page http://wiki.pentaho.com/display/EAI/...restartability and it seems that we can apply this at a job level .

So what is the best approach to achieve restarting of a transformation ?

should i have 3 different jobs as below ?

Job1 : start -> Setvariable transformation -> T1 -> Success
Job2 : start -> Setvariable transformation -> T2 -> Success
Job3 : start -> Setvariable transformation -> T3 -> Success