I want to add mantleMessages in my native language. For that action I use next steps:

01. Fork source code for all Pentaho CE projects
02. Load projects from local git folders in Eclipse J2EE
03. Compile all projects (use steps from this guide http://wiki.pentaho.com/display/Serv...I+Platform+5.0)

All steps complited and then I add mantleMessages in my native language and then again run ant build from user-console project (target dist) and as result I get 2 jar files in folder user-console/lib in which I can see my translations. But when I run ce-build-all target from assembly then as result 2 war are created pentaho.war and pentaho-style.war (additional data.zip and pentaho-solutions.zip) but I cant see in war files my translations?

ce-build-all not copy my jar from another project after rebuild if I understand correct?