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Thread: Customize/ Create a new theme in Pentaho 5.0

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    Default Customize/ Create a new theme in Pentaho 5.0

    I created theme in Pentaho 5.0 by adding theme name in pentaho\server\biserver-ee\pentaho-solutions\system\common-ui\themes.xml

    <onyx display-name="Onyx" system="true">
    <crystal display-name="Crystal" system="true">
    <file>globalCrystal.css</file>Name:  UserConsole.jpg
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    <jags display-name="Jags" system="true">

    and added in new theme in pentaho\server\biserver-ee\pentaho-solutions\system\common-ui\resources\themes\jags.
    The theme is showing in User Console but Home and log-out option is not coming proper place.

    How can I make it proper place?

    Any help is highly appreciable.

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    I have requirement to add new theme in user console. like Onyx/Crystal theme

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    You made the right changes, but what you're seeing is caused by a missing corresponding change inside the Mantle component in the WAR. To solve,
    - Create your mantle theme in pentaho/mantle/themes. A good place to start is to copy one of the existing themes and call it 'jags'. Rename the CSS file inside the copied theme to 'mantleJags.css', or whatever you wish to call it.
    - Add an entry to pentaho/mantle/themes.xml, e.g:


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    Thanks a lot for your advice. It is working fine now.

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