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Thread: Help with transformation using different databases under the same Server

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    Question Help with transformation using different databases under the same Server

    Good Morning everyone, hope all of you are fine

    I have a doubt about transformations and/or jobs. My case is the next one

    Under a MySQL Server, I have 15 databases on this server, the user and password to connect to those databases are the same ones, the only that change is the name of the databases.

    What I want to do is, in a previous step get an input parameter specifying to which database I want to connect, so in the Table Input Step, execute the Query, under the database I selected.

    The parameter connections are the same for all 15 databases but the only that change is the name and I will like to specify it with an input step.

    Is there a way I can do this? and not configuring 15 table input?

    Thanks in advance. Greetings

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    You have to learn how to use variables.
    Your best approach (in my personal opinion) would be to buy one of the 2 books about PDI - links are in one of the sticky post at the top of the forum
    Alternatively you can google for various blogs on the web about kettle/PDI and search in this forum - this is how I have learned about variables.

    Both options can take some efforts and time, but in the long run are your best options than waiting for someone to post a complete solution tailored to your specific scenario.
    -- Mick --

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