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Thread: Pentaho CSV file to XML file transformation

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    Post Pentaho CSV file to XML file transformation

    Am new user to pentaho, am having difficulty while transformaing csv file to xml file using pentaho.

    This is the end result I'm trying to get:

    <elementDate id="Element Name1">2018-02-27</elementDate>
    <elementDate id="Element Name1">2018-02-28</elementDate>
    <elementString id="Element Number1">USER_1</elementString>
    <elementString id="Element Number2">USER_2</elementString>
    <elementNumber id="Element Date1">0.0</elementNumber>
    <elementNumber id="Element Date2">0.1</elementNumber>

    But am not getting the above result because of same node name for different elements,

    if run my kettle transformation i wll get reult like,

    <elementDate id="Element Date2">2018-02-27</elementDate>


    <elementString id="Element Name2">USER_1</elementString>


    <elementNumber id="Element Number2">0.0</elementNumber>



    My CSV file is like,


    i have attached my samples here,

    How do i do this can anyone help me,

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    The input to your Add XML column step (ElementFields) must look like this:

    name id value
    elementDate Element Date1 2018-02-27
    elementDate Element Date2 2018-02-28
    elementName Element Name1 USER_1
    elementName Element Name2 USER_2
    elementNumber Element Number1 0.0
    elementNumber Element Number2 0.1

    So your first task would be to design a transformation producing the necessary data format.
    You will hurt yourself a lot with your data design, though - both, CSV and XML.
    So long, and thanks for all the fish.

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