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Thread: Error: "Object [MySQL EC2 Schema] already exists "

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    Default Error: "Object [MySQL EC2 Schema] already exists "

    Hi all,
    since I installed PDI 4.2.0, I face an annpying problem:
    importing a transformation from XML file, when I save it to the MySQL repository PDI gives this error message:

    Object [MySQL EC2 Schema] already exists.

    Even with this message, the transformation is saved correctly in the reporitory
    This doesn't happen with jobs, but only with transformations.
    I didn't find any EC2 Database in my MySQL DBMS...

    I upgraded to PDI 4.4.0 and the problem persists.
    I'm sure this is due to my data in the repository, but I cannot understand which data.

    Can anybody help me?
    Any idea will be appreciated.

    Thanks a lot


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    Save your transformation to a file and open it with your browser or a text editor.
    You should find the string "MySQL EC2 Schema" somewhere - most likely in element partioningschemas.
    So long, and thanks for all the fish.

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    Thank you marabu,
    I found it.

    <name>MySQL EC2 Schema</name>
    <partition> <id>P5</id>
    </partition> <partition> <id>P4</id>
    </partition> <partition> <id>P3</id>
    </partition> <partition> <id>P2</id>
    </partition> <dynamic>N</dynamic>
    <slaveserver><name>EC_SLAVE_2</name><hostname></hostname><port>8080</port><webAppName/><username>cluster</username><password>Encrypted 2be98afc86aa7f2e4cb1aa265cd86aac8</password><proxy_hostname/><proxy_port/><non_proxy_hosts/><master>N</master></slaveserver>
    <slaveserver><name>EC_SLAVE_4</name><hostname></hostname><port>8080</port><webAppName/><username>cluster</username><password>Encrypted 2be98afc86aa7f2e4cb1aa265cd86aac8</password><proxy_hostname/><proxy_port/><non_proxy_hosts/><master>N</master></slaveserver>
    <slaveserver><name>EC_SLAVE_3</name><hostname></hostname><port>8080</port><webAppName/><username>cluster</username><password>Encrypted 2be98afc86aa7f2e4cb1aa265cd86aac8</password><proxy_hostname/><proxy_port/><non_proxy_hosts/><master>N</master></slaveserver>
    <slaveserver><name>EC_MASTER_1</name><hostname></hostname><port>8080</port><webAppName/><username>cluster</username><password>Encrypted 2be98afc86aa7f2e4cb1aa265cd86aac8</password><proxy_hostname/><proxy_port/><non_proxy_hosts/><master>Y</master></slaveserver>
    <slaveserver><name>EC_SLAVE_5</name><hostname></hostname><port>8080</port><webAppName/><username>cluster</username><password>Encrypted 2be98afc86aa7f2e4cb1aa265cd86aac8</password><proxy_hostname/><proxy_port/><non_proxy_hosts/><master>N</master></slaveserver>

    I never defined partitioning in my PDI installation, so I think it was a default setup.
    So why tht error is generated? And how may I avoid it?


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    If you don't need the schema, delete it.
    Open your transformation, in the left hand treeview pane switch vom Design to View, locate the partitioning schema and use action Delete from the context menu to get rid of it.
    Looks pretty much like a demo configuration, so you won't miss it anyway.
    So long, and thanks for all the fish.

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    Thank you marabu,
    everything is OK now.



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