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Thread: windows PDI to CDH4.4.01 hbase Not a host:port pair

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    Default windows PDI to CDH4.4.01 hbase Not a host:port pair

    Hello Everyone and a great 2014 for everybody,

    well I have been trying to create a transformation that just reads a csv and saves it to hbase.
    - my PDI is pdi-ce-5.0.1-stable (64b) on windows 7
    - my hbase is on CDH4.4.0.1 (on virtualbox)

    based on this:
    I started hbase, and created 2 tables. Zookeeper is also running.

    when I test the hbase output step, by the get tables button I get the following message:
    Not a hostort pair

    I have googled, and I see ideas, related to localhost.localdomain on hbase-site.xml and the client hosts file, and the big data plugin for PDI.
    - well, I tried the hosts file, and the only thing that happens, is the error is instantaneous and doesn't take 20 seconds to appear
    - the plugin idea, the folder structure suggested is really different on my pdi.

    so, if anybody has any suggestion, it would be great.


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    Hello, I'm facing same issue with Pentaho Kettle 5.0.1 on Windows 7.
    I have installed hadoop 1.1.2 and hbase 0.94.11 on Ubuntu.
    All service seems working but Pentaho Kettle get error connecting to zookeeper server port 2181.
    Not a hostort pair:

    Any suggestions?
    Thank you.
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    Hi all
    AFAIK it's a problem of compatibility
    when you move to an HBase greater than 0.90.something you get this error because it changed the way the marter node address is stored into zookeeper

    Usually having the same jar on both the client and the server solves. My doubt is now: which of the many hbase*.jar in PDI are to be substituted?
    maybe all, maybe there is one specific for the "HBase output plugin"

    do you know which one?


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