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Thread: how to read XML folder using STAX Xml parser

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    Default how to read XML folder using STAX Xml parser


    Please let know how can I read a xml folder using the XML Input stream(Stax).

    Thanks in advance

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    XML Input Stream only takes a single filename, but you may provide it in a variable.
    The solution to your problem is to construct a file processing loop.
    Create a job with two transformations.
    The first transformation collects all the relevant filenames (Get File Names) and copies the filenames to the result stream (Copy Rows to Result).
    Prepare the second transformation to receive the filename as a parameter (Ctrl-T / Parameters), so you can use the variable as filename.
    Configure the second transformation job entry to execute for each input row and to copy the filename to the parameter.
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    So long, and thanks for all the fish.

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