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Thread: problem with character (á) in cvs file name

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    Default problem with character (á) in cvs file name


    I have some cvs file with the name: ExámenMedico1012011_30062011.cvs, ExámenMedico1012013_30612011.cvs and I nedd to store in a database.

    For process I have a server linux 64 bits and PDI 4.2.1

    The problem is that PDI doesn't recognize the file for processing in linux, but in windows it works.
    The problem is the name of the file (Exámen), the character (á). I tried replace (á) for (a) and works, but the name of the file is with á.
    I tried with a regular expresion *.cvs o something like that but doesn't works.

    The solution can be, change the name of the file in linux, but I dont know how because I tried with the command:
    iconv -f latin1 -t utf8 Exámen01012011_30062011.csv> Examen01012011_30062011.csv

    but the problem is that I need change the name at all files called Exámen... and keep the same name
    and the command only works if I say the exactly name and also this command change the name of the file and content and I just need change tha name.

    I just need that PDI recognize the file for process in linux.

    Thank for your help.

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    Try a regular expression of:
    I'm no expert.
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    Thanks for your answer, but the regular expresion doesn't work.


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