Sorry if this question is answered elsewhere - but I have been looking for a way (with Pentaho 4) to produce a dump of the jobs and transformations which are sub-processes of a single job in the repository. This is to ensure that when we move processes from the development environment to production that everything is updated correctly.

I have looked in the application and the database and can kind of see how it could be onde with a query in the repository database however am struggling to get the SQL correct which made me think that this is probably the wrong way to go about this?

We are running Pentaho 4.3 using a repository on an Oracle development database and are looking to ensure that only jobs&transformations which are required on the equivalent production database are put there when things go live.

Ideally we would use the "Export linked resources to XML" function to put it into a file which could be put into the appropriate environment but we cannot get that to function.

Many thanks and apologies if this is a daft question.