Hi everyone,

I've downloaded PDI 5.0 and tried to create my first transformation. When I am about to save it, I get the following error even before prompting for the filename: "Error creating output file! Parent directory [C:\Pelayo\Kettle\data-integration4.2\.kettle] does not exist."

It has something to do with the fact that I have the following variables defined in my "C:\Users\username\.kettle\kettle.properties" file:


I've been using this kettle.properties file in PDI 4.2 since the beggining and it doesn't affect saving the transformations/jobs. I've tried changing the variable to the root where PDI 5.0 is, but it didn't help (the error was similar: "Error creating output file! Parent directory [C:\Pelayo\Kettle\data-integration5.0\.kettle] does not exist.")

Does anybody have any idea on how to solve this? Why does Kettle want to find the .kettle directory inside that folder? Why does it need it for saving a transformation?

Thanks in advance!