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Thread: Oracle date / timestamp problem using "Dimension lookup/update"

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    Default Oracle date / timestamp problem using "Dimension lookup/update"

    Using Kettle 5.0.1 stable.

    Oracle (JDBC) seems to send wrong metadata information "timestamp" for "date" datatype.

    To reproduce:
    SQL> create table atab ( id integer, fach_id integer, name varchar(255), begin date, ende date, version integer );

    And use the attached transformation (ora.ktr) to lookup the dataset: fach_id=10, name='Hans'

    As expected, there will be added two rows:
    0, null, null, ..., 1
    1, 10, 'Hans', '01.01.00', '31.12.99', 1
    The first is the well-know "missing" and the second results from the insert von (10, 'Hans') with open end and open begin date.

    Now we change the value of 'Hans' to 'Uli':
    SQL> update atab set name='Uli' where fach_id=10;
    SQL> commit;

    Then we run the transformation again, in order to lookup for 'Hans' which will not found.
    The transformation tries to insert the new row and update the old one, which results in the following error:

    2014/01/12 19:26:09 - Dimension lookup/update.0 - Caused by: java.lang.RuntimeException: BEGIN Timestamp : There was a data type error: the data type of java.util.Date object [Sun Jan 12 19:26:08 CET 2014] does not correspond to value meta [Timestamp]
    2014/01/12 19:26:09 - Dimension lookup/update.0 - at org.pentaho.di.core.row.value.ValueMetaTimestamp.writeData(

    Any help would be appreciated!
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