Hi Everyone

It's been a very long time for me since I have used PDI and I am seeing a lot of work has been done since the days of version 2.x Kudos to all the developers and Matt for keeping this project on a good path.

I am slowly getting back into this and things are starting to come back to me. I need to ask for a little help in processing a file I would have probably laughed at years ago, but alas I find myself a babe in the woods again.

In short the file is unstructured text that has been extracted from a PDF. The text file is like a printout with each page of the PDF being marked in the TXT with a --------Page xx--------- at the top of it. I can easily identify the page with a regex, and am in fact using the regex evaluation step to do just that. The page number (xx) is caught using a capture group and placed into a new field (string) pageNum. What I would like to do is to repeat this value on each row until the next pageNum increments the value. I can remember doing something like this in the past but I confess the solution eludes me.

Would anyone be so kind as to point me in the right direction?

An extremely grateful Frog