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Thread: How to edit reports (made with PRD) with the User Console of Bi server

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    Default How to edit reports (made with PRD) with the User Console of Bi server

    Hello everybody,

    We have developed some reports with Pentaho Reporting Designer and we have published them into the BI Server.
    We can develop reports as well as PRD with the user console of Bi Server and the format of these reports is xaction.
    Is it possible to transforms the reports developed with PRD (.prpt) into .xactions in order to edit those reports from the user console of Bi server ?

    Thanks in advance.

    Kind Regards

    Antonio Astudillo

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    No, XActions are reports are two different concepts.

    An XAction defines a data-flow in the bi-server, while a report produces human readable output. A report can be part of an XAction, but an XAction cannot replace a reporting engine.

    If you want some sort of interactive reporting, either use the Enterprise Edition's "Interactive Reporting" tool, or install Saiku Reporting as an Open-Source alternative. However, if you need _all_ features of the reporting engine or want pixel perfect reports, you will have to use the Pentaho Report Designer desktop client to edit reports. There is no web-based alternative for that.
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    Hello Taqua,

    Thank you very much for answering my question.

    Let me ask you another question.
    After reading your answer I understand that I cannot edit with the Pentaho user console the reports publish them into the Bi server after being developed with Pentaho Reporting Designer
    I can only use the Pentaho Report Designer in order to edit them.
    Is it not possible to edit them using the Pentaho user console of the Bi server ? Even If I transform the prpt reports into Xactions.
    I am using the Community Edition Not the enterprise edition
    Thanks in advance.
    Best Regards

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