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Thread: Mondrian stops returning data

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    Default Mondrian stops returning data

    Very strange problem.

    We recently added a new schema to our application and we started noticing that our dashboards would stop returning data after a few runs. Backtracking, we were able to conclude that we had this problem before, but it did not happen really often.

    We have pentaho biserver 3.7 with mondrian 3.3xxx (we tried updating it to Mondrian 3.5 - same result).

    We use C-Tools CDA / CDF to retrieve data through MDX queries.

    If we flush CDA cache: same problem
    If we flush Mondrian cache: it start working again.

    There is no error message in the pentaho log.

    On weird thing is if we take an MDX statement that is not working through CDA and run it with jPivot, it works. I know both tools do not use the same method to access Mondrian, but I included this detail in case it matters.

    We tried to disable Mondrian caching either in the schema definition or in, but we still get the same problem.

    Some new ideas would be greatly appreciated !


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    I would try to narrow the problem down some. Does this happen with specific dimensions and measures, or across the board? If it does happen only with specific measures/dimensions, what's different between them and the elements that don't have this problem? You mention it doesn't happen with jPivot-- if you run one of the problematic queries twice in jPivot are you able to reproduce the caching issue?

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    Thank you Matthew for the hints.

    We were able to narrow it down a little.

    We activated the Mondrian logs (mdx and SQL). After calling a few dashbords or CDA, we noticed that one of that MDX parameter was null in the MDX log, and in the SQL log, the hierarchy name was used int the WHERE clause instead of the actual value.

    One other stange fact is that after waiting 5 minutes approximately, it starts working again (nothing else is going on, on this test server). Maibe CDA automatically cleaning the Mondrian cache after this delay.

    A quick search in the forum lead to this jira issue:

    I'd like to give mondrian 3.6.1 a try, but we cannot quickly upgrade to pentaho 5.0.1 and we are with CE Suite 4.1.

    Do you know if its possible ?

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    Have you tried upgrading Mondrian and olap4j only? I think that APIs are still the same, so in theory it should work. I might be forgetting something though, so give it a try, run a bunch of queries and check the logs.
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