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Thread: is there any current or planned support for Redshift using Mondrian?

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    Default is there any current or planned support for Redshift using Mondrian?

    looking for any information on whether Mondrian can be used to query AWS Redshift? Although Redshift is a Postgres cluster, looks like there are some query differences that would likely impact the use of Mondrian/MDX library.



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    We have added a dialect specific to RedShift inside of Mondrian over a year ago. You can use postgres driver to connect to RedShift. Let us know if you find any issues.
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    Similar question.
    I am using a Pentaho 5.0.4 server on a aws linux ec2 instance. I can develop interactive and analytical reports against redshift using the delivered drivers ( postgresql-9.1-902.jdbc4.jar ).

    When I use the schema workbench (v1.6) on a mac with the aws recommended driver ( postgresql-8.4-703.jdbc4.jar ) on my desktop I can see the redshift schemas, but I cannot see the tables underneath. I switch to the pentaho delivered driver ( postgresql-9.1-902.jdbc4.jar ) and same result. The only driver that works is a modified postrgresql driver located here . When I publish this cube to the server I cannot see the cube, and the pentaho.log reports connectivity issues. I am now spinning up a new instance to test this configuration with a published cube since my current install I selected to install uses postgresql as the internal repository.

    I am in contact with pentaho sales team as this is an opportunity, I am just looking to see if anyone has similar experience.


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    Have you checked the connection in Data Source Manager? I would want to check what JDBC data source your schema is connected to, and verify test connections succeed from the JDBC connection dialog for that datasource.

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    Using standard drivers I can connect through jdbc explorer and see the redshift schemas. I do not see tables underneath. When I use the custom driver I have no issues in developing the cube definition. This issue has been raised to engineering. I was looking to see how people were connecting if the recommended drivers were not working (for me).

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