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Thread: Call multiple parameters from URL - Date parameter as a string in URL

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    Default Call multiple parameters from URL - Date parameter as a string in URL

    Hi Forum,

    I'm unable to call multiple parameters from URL .. both of string type


    I'm using 2 custom parameters for these 2 parameters rather than simple and Date parameter as suggested here ..

    and in the java script component writing below code for each ,individually

    for instId
    function sendParam(){
    return Dashboards.getQueryParameter("instId");

    for Date
    function sendParam2(){
    return Dashboards.getQueryParameter("Date");

    SQL query in CDA - Working without any issue :

    b.inst_id in (SELECT inst_id FROM inst_master)
    AND to_char(b.inst_id)='312'

    When I take only instId parameter it is giving correct output( Date is static).
    When I add Date as string it is going into infinite loading of the dashboard..

    Any suggestions on this will be appriciated

    Thank you.

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    The problem is with the parameter name : Date , changed it to param2_Date .. every thing remained same..

    Don't know the reason why I can not give custom parameter names as Date ....

    If any one have any idea not to give custom parameter name as "Date" , please comment in this thread..

    Thank you.
    BI developer

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