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Thread: Real time Scheduling

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    Default Real time Scheduling

    Can any one help me to schedule mappings in real time?
    Meaning -- when ever there is an Insert,Update on a source table I want the workflows to execute.

    We are using community version.


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    Have a look at Change Data Capturing basics under the READ ME FIRST topic in this forum...

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    Thanks for the info.We did design the CDC but the issue is with real time scheduling.The above thread does talk about CDC but I did not find any information on the real time scheduling.

    Can you please help.

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    The book Pentaho Kettle Solutions has a chapter on Real-Time Data Integration - quote from the summary:

    The chapter discussed:

    • How a transformation is ideally suited for handling streams of data, and the attention points with respect to database time-outs, memory consumption, and logging
    • A practical example in the form of a step that continuously reads Twitter messages
    • How to debug a long-running transformation
    • Integration possibilities with third-party real-time integration software
    • How to send and receive messages using Java Message Services
    The Twitter sample should be in your Kettle samples folder, too.
    So long, and thanks for all the fish.

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    Dear SK,

    1. Schedule to run your parent job after every 5 minutes

    2.A quick dirty solution is to use the "Wait for SQL" to step perform some querying, and based on its success, the transformation will be called.. but this parent job has to run in a never ending manner 24X7 mode

    Other options are listed in the CDC link which I posted earlier..

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