I created report that looks like dashboard in order to be able to send it via mail. I use graph and tables in PRD 3.9.

In first preview I get all values, then if I change value of 1 parameter (of 4), all values are gone except for table where only 1 parameter is used. Then I tried - it doesn'n matter how many subreports I have - all with only 1 parameter are working, subreport with 2 and more are without result. If I swith to the same value of parameter as in the beginning (as it worked), report is also without values except for tables wih 1 parameter.

I'm using inherited data source for reports and not adding new CDA datasource for each subreport.
My parameters have diferent default - 1 without, 1 fixed as values, 2 as date with first date of month and yesterday. -- but setting this as fixed value doesn't changed behaviour ...

What should I take care in PRD using more parameters with CDA datasource?

Thanks a lot for your help!