Hi All,
We're trying to do a proof of concept with the Legstar Plugin where we wanted to achieve the below as described. Any help that can be provided on Step 2 is appreciated. Thanks in advance.
Step 1 -> Provide the input z/OS file (RDW). This can be achieved with the plugin.
Step 2 -> Process the input file by COBOL code. This is where we need the support to know how this can be achieved. From the WIKI found that there are adapters and proxies which would help on it by converting them to XML. Please help in providing the procedure to have this done. Correct me if there is any misunderstanding of the same. Let us know in case of any information that may be required.
Step 3 -> Generate the output z/OS file è We are working out internally to generate the output z/OS file as the plugin doesn’t support the same currently.

Thanks and Regards,
Vigneshwaran Kathiresan.