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Thread: C# Application with Kettle

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    Exclamation C# Application with Kettle


    I want to develop a C# application using Kettle to run Kettle functions and commands.

    How I can use Kettle with Visual Studio? Is there a dll to reach Kettle?

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    Kettle is a Java application, it has no DLL that you can easily call (although you can use JNI from C++, this is not very easy to do).

    What you can do is run Kitchen.bat or Pan.bat from a C# application. If you need tighter integration with the Kettle runtime than you can get from the command line, you'll have better luck building your application in Java instead of C#, or finding an ETL framework based on .NET.

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    Hi Burcu,

    Doing a C# app with Kettle /PDI is going to be a hell of a lot of work. If you are determined to head down this path you might want to consider some machine translation tools to assist in porting the codebase across. Sharpen is one such tool that is reportedly capable of migrating java to c# quite well. It wont be perfect, but it woul dbe a big head start. You can read about it here:
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    Thanks for your replies. So can I use a function (ie import function) under a button in C# appliacation when I convert java codes to C# or call dll ? and lastly does this site( constain all kettle java codes? I suppose that it doesn't..

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    You are trying to do something similar to using your bicycle wheels on your car.
    jsturm advised you that you will likely need to do a LOT of work to make this happen, and that you would be better off building the part you are building (your car) to use the parts provided (the bicycle wheels) instead of trying to make the parts fit what you're still building.

    C# and Java are different languages. They are not directly compatible. You cannot call java functions from C# easily. You cannot call C# functions from java easily.

    Your choices at this point:
    1) Rewrite PDI in C# (a LOT of work)
    2) Write your application in java (may be easy)
    3) Use shell commands (call an external program) from your program to use PDI. There will be no direct interaction in this method.
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