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Thread: Transformation/Job Templates

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    Question Transformation/Job Templates


    I'm wondering whether there is the functionality in Kettle to have templates for Transformations/Jobs?

    My issue is that I am responsible for maintaining over 150 transformations in dozens of jobs.
    So when I need to make a bulk change it takes me hours to go through, one by one, and update them.

    So I'm hoping that I can have a few "Master" transformations/jobs that I can change generic stuff on.
    And then have that cascade down to all of the actual transformations/jobs.


    Update: I feel that I need to be more specific about this.
    Essentially I want to be able to have a template of the 'layout' of the transformation.
    By that I mean that I want to be able to create the whole data-flow in spoon.
    And then just update the parameters in the actual transformations.

    I have 150ish transformations that all work fine, but I now need to add another 10 steps to each to get some metrics out for reporting.
    Is there a better way of doing this than copying, pasting & updating the steps into each transformation.

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    For the generic stuff that can be used in many transformation, I suggest you have a look at Mapping Input/Output specification (Mapping folder).

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    Thanks for the quick reply. .

    I presume that you mean the Mapping Folder under Samples?
    I only have 2 really basic samples in that Folder.

    Could you possibly attach the one you suggested?


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    No, I meant that when developping transformation, you should try to use the Mapping Input/output specifications step for the generic stuff that can be used accross many transformation. This means that whenever you have a change, you only change that portion once for all transformations that uses it.

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    Oh. Right.

    I'm not sure this will work for me.
    Because each of the different transformations have different amounts of columns, data types, etc.

    Maybe I should update my original post to be a bit more specific.

    But Thanks for your help.

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    I have a silly question.
    Since you have to change parameters in all those steps anyway, what's the advantage of having a template?
    You need to go through all of them manually anyway.
    -- Mick --

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