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Thread: Text file output empty or partial?!

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    Default Text file output empty or partial?!


    I am running into quite a few problems and having plenty of inconsistencies with the Report Designer (3.9.0 GA) and Data Integration (4.3.0 stable).

    My ETL has 2 incoming parameters, closeFrom and closeTo (which are coming in from a report, parameters set as Date SQL, from a Date Picker object).

    Long story short, the ETL uses the incomingParam object to define the closeFrom and closeTo parameters, then next step is declare a URL that is used in the 3rd step GetXML data.

    The 1st step: incomingParam has "text file output" branched out of the main path of the ETL for debug, and is spitting the incoming parameter values, I also attached "text file output" to the GetXML data step to see if I am getting all results. To my surprise, whenever I run the ETL from the Kettle, I am getting ALL results. When I open and run my report in the Report Designer (no dates selected), I am getting sometimes 6, sometimes 8 records. To top it all off, the incoming param file is sometimes empty (even though I should at least have the header row, even if I am not passing any parameters from the report!
    I was wondering if anyone else had similar issues. This is really driving me up the wall now, as have been trying to modify the ETL various times and having no luck of working it out what is actually happening.
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