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Thread: Virtual Cube Error in Saiku Anaytics

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    Default Virtual Cube Error in Saiku Anaytics

    Hi all,

    In Saiku Analytics I have this error in my Cube :
    SybSQLException: SQL Anywhere Error -1005018: Illegal ORDER BY item 0, -- (opt_OrderBy.cxx 164)

    This error appears when I selected :
    ROWS : Measure A, Measure B
    COLUMNS : Dimension 1, Dimension 2

    I have defined a Mondiran Schema which looks like this:


    Cube 1
    Dimension Usage 1
    Dimension Usage 2
    Dimension Usage 3
    Measure A

    Cube 2
    Dimension Usage 1
    Dimension Usage 2
    Measure B

    Dimension (Shared) 1
    Dimension (Shared) 2
    Dimension (Shared) 3

    Virtual Cube
    Virtual Dimension 1
    Virtual Dimension 2
    Virtual Dimension 3
    Virtual Measure A
    Virtual Measure B

    thanks & regards

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    More Info would be better... Place the query here

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    I can't see the Explain Plan.
    I just see the MDX query :
    NON EMPTY {[Measures].[Measure1], [Measures].[Measure2]} ON COLUMNS,
    NON EMPTY CrossJoin([Dimension 1].[Annee].Members, [Dimension 2].[BP].Members) ON ROWS
    FROM [Suivi]

    thanks & regards

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    Hi classalle,
    The error you're getting is Sybase choking on some SQL. Can you post the log output from the failure, including SQL generated? You may need to enable SQL logging in your log4j.xml file (there's a "mondrian.sql" category that you should be able to uncomment).

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