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Thread: Multi-tenancy in 5.0.1 CE?

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    Default Multi-tenancy in 5.0.1 CE?


    I've been trying to get my head round the new jackrabbit repository and digging through the code have run into things like Pretty exciting!

    I can see a few tests around this stuff, but it's not exposed in the REST API. I know MT was on the roadmap for 5 at one point, but can't find anything in the release notes. Does anyone know the status of this?

    I'm in the process of implementing something along the lines of BISERVER-6330 Need reference implementations for tenant-aware datasource service. Any pointers to using this new stuff greatly appreciated!


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    I'd like to know as well!

    Hints about multi-tenancy are sprinkled around the config files. It looks to me like multi-tenancy might be tied using to LDAP, but again it is not clear. I use jdbc to store user info, so I also want to know if I'd have to move to LDAP, which is a project in and of itself. I have not heard of anyone implementing multi-tenancy. Have you made any headway?

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    Glad I'm not alone!

    Not a lot of progress recently - I'm on other stuff for the next couple of weeks. But I didn't run into any LDAP requirement in my initial investigation. Mind you, I was only looking at the repository side of things: users, folders, datasources, etc. Where did you see the LDAP stuff?

    Quite what's involved depends heavily on your data warehouse and what you mean by multi-tenancy. Our basic requirement is:

    • each tenant to only has access to their own data
    • each tenant has access to a shared set of standard reports
    • each tenant is be able to publish their own reports and share them with other users within the same tenant
    • a "super-tenant" can see it all
    • no tenants-of-tenants. Um, yet

    The initial plan was to have identically structured databases per-tenant, with the super-tenant DW either composed of a load of ugly UNION views (performance?) or populated separately by the ETL. The correct datasource is then selected on login. That seems straightforward, but I got stuck figuring out the repository structure. And I'm not sure how it will work with Mondrian either.

    Let us know if you get anywhere, and I'll get back once I've had the time to dig further.

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