Hello, I new to PDI and I have been struggling to use the SAP Input step.
It is really easy to use it when the input type of the RFC/BAPI function is not of a complex type, let say, a single string or integer, but I have not yet managed to pass a complex type parameter to this step.
I have been digging a lot on the forums but I have not yet found a topic where this has been discussed.
Can you help?

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In the above example I am using the "SAP input" step to call upon function "RRW3_GET_QUERY_VIEW_DATA" to return some data from SAP.
This function has 3 input parameters of "Structure" type and I can't seem to be able to generate these parameters.
For clarification, using the "Generate Rows" step with some some values assigned to these parameters does not work as I get a conversion error (string to struture).