Hi All,

I am new to Pentaho, need your suggessions or answers so that our organization can go or not go for Pentaho BI, following are my concerns
(My major concerns are from 1 to 5, so requesting you all to at least give me a hint).

1. Can we create drill down dashboards with Pentaho CDE (for BI Version 4.5 CE), if yes, then any documentation in any form ?
2. Can we integrate Pentaho bi server with already existing tomcat, which i already had it prior to installing Pentaho BI ?
3.what are the different type of schemas available for me while creating cubes and what are the advantages of star schema ?
4. how can we upgrade pentaho bi both Community Edition or Enterprise Edition ?
5.how can we authenticate pentaho bi for 3rd party system ?
6. how to change log file of kettle 4.4.0 (instead of displaying it to kettle output console/tab) ?
My existing Java Application uses Apache DDLUtils to generate database schema which is very complex and large in size, so when i am using xml component, kettle is getting hanged for 15 mins, so which parser it uses for traversing XML structure (SAX or DOM), where these settings are defined and how to change it ?
8. how to assign one datasource per user or different datasources to different users (just like roles) ?
9. how to create a burst report ?
10. what are perconditions in report designer ?

S.A. Mateen