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Thread: Mondrian 4 : Measures accross multiple table facts with different granularities

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    Default Mondrian 4 : Measures accross multiple table facts with different granularities


    I am trying to put in place some measures that do not have the same dimension, and even not the same granularity for a given dimension.
    Simply, on the time dimension, my measure 'montant_charges' has granularity 'Year', whereas the others have 'Day' granularity (which is the granularity of the dimension time table).

    However, the SQL computed shows that mondrian joins on the CDE_ANNEE column (e.g the_year in english). So my measure 'montant_charges' is X 365 (normal as CDE_ANNEE is not the PK of my dim table) ! Which is not what I expected and understood from the chapter 5.1.5 of the book Mondrian in Action.

    Am I misunderstanding something or did I make some mistakes ?
    Thanks in advance for your help.

    Here is the SQL computed :
    `dim_temps`.`CDE_ANNEE` as `c0`,
    sum(`f_charges_magasins`.`montant_charges`) as `m0`
    `dim_temps` as `dim_temps`,
    `f_charges_magasins` as `f_charges_magasins`
    `f_charges_magasins`.`CDE_ANNEE` = `dim_temps`.`CDE_ANNEE`
    group by

    Below is the part of xml used :

    <MeasureGroup name='Charges' table='f_charges_magasins'>
    <Measure name='montant_charges' column='montant_charges' aggregator='sum' formatString='Standard'/>
    <ForeignKeyLink dimension='Magasins' foreignKeyColumn='DIM_MAGASINS_ID'/>
    <ForeignKeyLink dimension='Time' foreignKeyColumn='CDE_ANNEE' attribute='Year' >
    <Column name='CDE_ANNEE'/>
    <NoLink dimension='dim_clients'/>

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    Hi every one,

    Has anyone an idea about this problem ? This would be an important feature (the ability to mix measures which have different granularities).

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