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    Default Data Visualization

    Hi Everybody,

    I'm new to Big Data, and I have an existencial doubt:
    Besides Instaview, does Pentaho offers any tool to build a model (cube or something like it) and then use it to analyze and view data?

    Maybe when we work with Big Data we don't need Mondrian anymore, I don't know, maybe I'm missing something.


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    Use Pentaho Schema Workbench to build your Mondrian Schema

    I'm not sure about Platform v5, but 4.8 had jPivot for analysis. You can install Saiku for analysis.

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    But Mondrian working over what? You need something that understands full SQL. If you have your warehouse in Hadoop how are you supposed to analyze your data ad hoc?

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    I'm not really sure... Perhaps I've spoken when I shouldn't have...

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    Dear All
    I am using Pentaho visualization tool. Some times data is very huge and when user select many filters then tool throws Stackoverflow exception. I assume each tool should have limitation. If user wants to perform some complex operation then tool should throw some alert and shouldn't allow this operation?
    Can I do something which will identify this kind of situation and alert user?
    Thank you all

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