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Thread: repository syncronizer very slow

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    Default repository syncronizer very slow

    i'm trying to use the repository syncronizer to upload file in the jackrabbit repository .
    it seems rather slow to detect differences and present them to the user .
    is there any other tool to quickly upload files to the jackrabbit repository .
    thanks for any answer

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    Can you quantify?
    Pedro Alves
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    I tested the plugin on a linux virtual machine with 2GB of memory and 2 cores ( virtual box on linux physical machine , i5 processor and 8GB of memory ) .
    Pentaho installed on tomcat and backend database mysql 5.5 .
    To compare the Pentaho solution of the CE took about three quarters of hour .
    It seems to takes a long time to detect differences between the file systems.
    I tried to import a few thousand files and the procedure has gone wrong ( unfortunately I did not keep the error message ) .
    if you are interested I can retry it and keep the log

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