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Thread: Spoon Step to read a file's custom properties

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    Default Spoon Step to read a file's custom properties

    Hi All,

    I using the "Get File Names" step, to extract the filenames of a certain Folder/Subfolder. I would like to further "filter" the existing files, based upon each file's "Custom Properties".

    I am using/reading files from folders on a Windows machine. I am using PDI 4.0.

    I can't recall an existing Input transformation step that can do this.

    Has anyone had a similar need and if so, can you advise how to proceed?

    Many thanks and kind regards.


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    "Get File Names" is looking at the file system directory entries.
    If I'm not mislead, with "Custom Properties" you are refering to attributes stored with the file itself.
    Apache POI HPSF should be your friend, then.
    So long, and thanks for all the fish.

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