I've got the CE version of Kettle deployed on Windows on a VMWare instance behind a proxy. The Google Analytics module does not authenticate. I've verified that an equivalent stack on Amazon WS does function with the same credentials. The only difference I can determine between the two systems is that the VM is behind the proxy.

I have no ability to adjust the proxy.
I've adjusted the OS environments (with a re-boot) to point towards the proxy.
I've added a few lines in the Spoon.bat file to point towards the proxy.
I've adjusted the java console to point towards the proxy.

The same error message appears (something like "Check your credentials", which is the message coded into the module code - I checked that too).

I have succeeded in getting a perl script to draw down a report in XML format. But, I'd rather not have to parse every XML report output I generate (I've got a lot to do as well as manage on an ongoing basis, so this doesn't scale easily). So, I seem to be able to get an auth request through the proxy via a cygwin+perl executing a CURL command, but not via the GA module: (http://forums.pentaho.com/showthread...ia-http-client)

First, does anyone have any suggestions on troubleshooting this issue? The log file response on the module doesn't provide sufficient evidence that the message is getting out to the Google API. So, I can't seem to determine if the issue is outbound or inbound. I've also opened the API to All domains, so that shouldn't be a constraint.

Any insights would be very helpful as I've been working on this for a week with no success.

-Joe Urban