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Thread: Obtaining metric information of transformation in Java

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    Default Obtaining metric information of transformation in Java


    I would like please some help obtaining metric information (number of lines read, written, etc.) of a finished transformation in my Java program. My program dynamically creates transformations then run them and finally show the detailed information about the finished transformations. I use the Kettle Java API version 4.4. This is my code simplified :


    //this creates the TransMeta object and the XML file
    TransMeta transMeta = createTransformationPerQuery(t...);

    if (transMeta != null) {
    Trans transformation = new Trans(transMeta);

    // adjust the log level //

    // retrieve logging appender
    Log4jBufferAppender appender = CentralLogStore.getAppender();

    // retrieve logging lines for transformation
    String logText = appender.getBuffer(transformation.getLogChannelId(), false).toString();

    transformation.execute(new String[0]);

    // waiting for the transformation to finish

    org.pentaho.di.core.Result result = transformation.getResult();

    // report on the outcome of the transformation;; // this is always 0; //this is always empty

    This should work, right? What am I doing wrong?
    Thanks in advance!

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    I've run into the same problem. transformation.getResult() returns a result object with no meaningful information except for getNrErrors() > 0 if there are errors. Everything else is 0 even if the individual steps read or write thousands of records.

    Is the Result object ONLY useful for determining Success/Failure?

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    I've found a solution : You can obtain the metric information from the list of executed steps (StepMetaDataCombi object) of the transformation object. Hereafter a simplified example, hope it works for you !

    Trans transformation = new Trans(transMeta);
    org.pentaho.di.core.Result result = transformation.getResult();
    //number of errors + " errors ");
    List<StepMetaDataCombi> steps2 = transformation.getSteps();
    int k = 0;
    while (k < steps2.size()) {
        StepMetaDataCombi step = steps2.get(k);
        if (step.step.getStepname().startsWith("WRITESDB-")) {
                            //metric "written lines"
       step.step.getLinesWritten() + " items transfered: ";
    Now, I would like to obtain the detailed description of the errors (if there are errors) through my Java program and print them to the user. I didn't find a solution for that. Please share if you find something!

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