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Thread: Batch import tables from different databases (newbie)

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    Default Batch import tables from different databases (newbie)

    I have started lerning pentaho and i am trying to import data from one database to another.

    I am stuck and need you guys help

    1. I have placed a `get Table names` from the input and i am getting the table names

    2. Then i want to grab the each table and then create that table in new database

    3. Then i want to transfer all data from old table to new table

    So i have only `get tables names`

    how can i loop through tables and then get the feilds and craete table from there

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    can u give me some sample files/ktr's/kjb's involved in your task?

    Just to get a clearer picture.

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    I am not able to create any ktr. they are not working.

    My Main requirement is to copy all the tables from database A to database B using transformation.

    As i am coder so i am thinking of this way

    1. Get all tables from database
    2. make loop and for each table get all fields for that table
    3. Then create a new table from the fields collected from previious step
    4. then copy all the rows for that table to new table
    5. Repeat this step for all tables

    Can you help me with this

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    Do you really need to use PDI to clone database A? I would simply use mysqldump.exe (because I use MySQL databases, of course) on database A and then restore it to database B. PDI is not the best at creating tables en masse - but it really shines at reading from and writing to existing tables.
    Java 1.7 (64 bit)
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    acutually i have oracle Db and i want to convert it to mysql

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    Quote Originally Posted by darrell.nelson View Post
    PDI is not the best at creating tables en masse
    I second that.

    Kettle isn't designed for schema migration, there are affordable commercial tools for this - besides OpenDBCopy or the migration wizard from MySQL Workbench.

    As a beginner, don't try to build "generic" solutions with Kettle - try to understand the tool first.
    Visual programming with Kettle is much more about declarative than procedural programming.
    Plan for some time to adjust.
    So long, and thanks for all the fish.

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