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Thread: Add mysql Datasource in cde

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    Default Add mysql Datasource in cde

    Need suggestion regarding adding mysql database for running dashboard using cde,as there are many entities in left panel like below.Wizards,Legacy Datasources,Community Data Access,SPARKL Endpoints,MDX Queries,OLAP4J Queries,Compound Queries,KETTLE Queries,MQL Queries,SCRIPTING Queries,SQL Queries.

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    I'm new on pentaho and I use "sql over sqlJdbc" in "SQL Queries". it works fine.
    set your connection properties as below :

    Name give_your_connection_name
    Driver com.mysql.jdbc.driver
    User name yourMySQL_userName
    Password yourMySQL_password
    URL jdbc:mysql://localhost/your_DataBase_Name
    Access Level Public
    Query select field1, field1, ... from Table (write your Query)
    Parameters []
    Output Options []
    Output Mode Include
    Columns []
    Calculated Columns []
    Cache Duration 3600
    Cache True

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    When you declare a datasource in the Administration Console then you can use sql over sqljndi. Then jndi is the name of the datasource.

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    I know this seems foolish but can you explain me why I cann't use sql over jndi without having at least one cube on that connection?

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