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Thread: split some columns

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    Default split some columns

    hello forum,

    my table as follows:

    ReferenceOrderID OrderNumber OrderID
    8 AB1000004 52
    8 AB1000004 14
    10 AB1000005 487
    11 AB1000006 86
    11 AB1000006 42
    11 AB1000006 51

    So i would like to split the "ReferenceOrderID" values as follow:

    ReferenceOrderID OrderID_1 OrderID_2 OrderID_3
    8 52 14
    10 487
    11 86 42 51

    Myquestion is if it possible to split. And how can i fix it ?

    many thanks for help
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    Have a look at the denormalise step.
    -- Mick --

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    many thanks.

    So it works only when i hard coded the key "OrderNumber" into the step field "key value".
    Is it possible to save the values "OrderNumber" into a variable or something like ? So i cant hard coded the 20.000 values into the field manually.

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    If you know how many order IDs you're going to get, maybe you could use Flattener.

    Or maybe if you're ambitious, you could look at MetaData Injector?
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    good morning,

    thank you for your message.
    When i use the "flattener" step i'm going to lose those "ReferenceOrderID's" which are inside the table for one time.
    For example the "ReferenceOrderID" = 10 is canceld by flattener step

    So is it possible to work with the JavaScript step ? My idea is to create a string field seperated by ";"
    For example:

    ReferenceOrderID OrderID
    8 52;14
    10 487
    11 86;42;51

    How can i fix it ?
    It would be fine to get help

    thanks a lot

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    Use a "Group By" step.
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    So long, and thanks for all the fish.

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    wow, that's it

    many thanks

    best regards

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