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Thread: Running Schedule Job when the server restarts

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    Default Running Schedule Job when the server restarts

    Hi, i made a Job on Spoon that runs daily at 7AM.
    Every monday i need to restart the machine where the server is, and so i need to open the spoon and click on the play so my job will be executed

    Is there a way i dont need to do this?
    EDIT: I'm using the comunity version
    I was thinking about creating a .bat that will start the TomCat Server and then open spoon, logs in and then press play on the job.
    But i have no idea on how to do this

    can someone help plz

    Thx in advance

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    Spoon is the visual workflow designer.
    You don't use Spoon to run your job on a regular basis, that's what kitchen is for.

    Either you use the scheduler provided by your operating system, or you have some middleware installed to take care of schedules.
    Right now, I'm trying hard to imagine a process that needs to be restarted manually after a server downtime.
    Usually, Tomcat runs as a service automatically, as soon as your server is up again.
    So does any scheduler I am aware of.
    So long, and thanks for all the fish.

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    Thx marabu
    i forgot about kitchen
    But now i face another problem
    i'm using the following line to call my job
    kitchen.bat /file=Job.kjb (i saved the job in the same folder)

    but when i run the following error appears
    - Unable to open transformation: null
    and throws a null pointer Exception

    I tried to save the transformations in the same folder but that ddnt work
    any sugestions??

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    Why don't you save your jobs and transformations to the system32 folder?
    Right, the same reason why the Kettle installation folder isn't a safe place either.
    Create a folder dedicated to your workflows somewhere else.

    You will have to configure your jobs Transformation entry to make that error go away.
    So long, and thanks for all the fish.

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    I finally made it work, thx again Marabu for the help.
    Unfortunately my problem now is with kitchen
    i'm trying to run it with a zip job using the following command line
    Kitchen.bat /file:"zip:file:///<path>!JobDaily.kjb"

    I called my zip with the same name as the job sob both are JobDaily (it will run daily)
    but for now i'm testing it out and i get this problem

    - Could not read from "zip:file:///<path>!Transformation2.ktr" because it is not a file

    The thing is that this is the second transformation on the job, even weirder is that sometimes when i run the command line it works
    but most of the time it doesnt.
    Any clues?

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    Hmm, search for "backslash" on the Kitchen Wiki page, and make sure you use the right number of slashes and backslashes.
    So long, and thanks for all the fish.

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