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Thread: Customize Pentaho CE 5.1 - Load/display a dashboard after login

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    Default Customize Pentaho CE 5.1 - Load/display a dashboard after login

    Hi All,

    I am able to load a dashboard after login using the method (iframe) provide in the following link:

    but effect of this method (removing all content within <body></body> tag and placing just iframe)
    is that 'Home > Browse Files' menu/link does not work. All other links like 'Marketplace', 'Schedules',
    'Administration' works.

    There are other issues using the iframe approach but I am interested in the just making the
    'Home > Browse Files' menu work and a message 'Just a few moments please.
    Pentaho User Console Is Loading' to appear.

    Could someone please suggest how I can make this work.


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    To answer my own question and it might be helpful to someone:

    Most of the customization (in respect to loading a dashboard after login) is possible by removing certain elements (not all inside <body>)
    and placing an iframe within <body> in index.jsp and modifying home.css in css folder.

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