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Thread: Pentaho Branches - explanation

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    Question Pentaho Branches - explanation

    On git-hub currently (03-26-2014) pentaho-platform project have 11 branches:
    • 5.0
    • 5.0.5
    • 5.0-CE
    • 5.0-CE-Dev
    • 5.0-OLD
    • 5.1
    • ...
    • ...
    • master

    01. Can anybody explain this counted versions? Which version is best

    When I fork my version (12-20-2013) pentaho-platform have 8 branches:
    $ git branch -a
    * 5.0

    02. Is it possible to merge my version with new versions?

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    There are only 2 branches of public interest here:

    * 5.0 contains the ongoing bug-fixes for the 5.0-GA release. If you want stable code, with bug-fixes but no new features, this is the place to go. This corresponds to the x5.0x tab in the CI server:
    * master contains the development for the next feature release (and of course all bug-fixes from the 5.0 branch). It may or may not be stable, no guarantees here. But if you find bugs, please report them. This matches the "Master" tab in CI:

    Merging should be absolutely possible, but I would recommend to do that frequently. When I do it on rather old versions, from time to time Git seems to choke and wants me to manually merge. Iiieks.

    If you develop extensions or own implementations of existing interfaces, we do recommend to keep them in separate modules - this avoids the merge hell. And when you drop your jar next to all the other jars in the WEB-INF/lib directory, Tomcat treats your code as first class citizen in exactly the way Pentaho code is treated.
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    I compile and deploy pentaho server via assembly project (5.0 branch).

    Is it possible to run pentaho server in debug mode in Eclipse? Any link or resources?

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