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Thread: How to change target database: [Kettle Java API]

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    Default How to change target database: [Kettle Java API]

    I am using the following xml string to generate transformation:

    databaseXML = {
    "<?xml version=\"1.0\" encoding=\"UTF-8\"?>" +
    "<connection>" +
    "<name>MSSQLDB</name>" +
    "<server>*****************</server>" +
    "<type>MSSQL</type>" +
    "<access>Native</access>" +
    "<database>msdb</database>" +
    "<port>1433</port>" +
    "<username>*********</username>" +
    "<password>********</password>" +

    but even though I change the database name, it is creating the target tables in The default database "master". How can I change that?

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    Your transformation steps can use different connection defined. Even if you have
    this is the name for steps do determine database connection to use,
    this is the name of database on remote server.
    You may have master database defined as shared resource in kettle home directory - and since steps has a name of shared master connection - they do use master connection. Not a connection from xml with name MSSQLDB.
    If you attach a sample transformation xml or give more details we can see more.

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    Now I tried connecting without the xml string as follows:

    DatabaseMeta targetDBInfo = new DatabaseMeta("target","MSSQL","Native","serveraddress","dbname","1433","user","pwd");

    But still tables are created in the default MSSQL database, which is master.
    All the other parameters are working but why not the dbname???!!!

    Does KettleEnvironment.init(); sets some default value for the database? How do I know that. I am not generating any xml from the transformation. I am directly executing the transformation from transMeta object using the java API.

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    Can you specify example of target jdbc url you want to use to connect to your MSSQL database?

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