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Thread: JSON Output without 'Json bloc name'

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    Default JSON Output without 'Json bloc name'

    Hi, I've tried every options I can for JSON Output, but I still can't get the (seemingly simple) JSON output I'm looking for.

    Input Rows:
    id = book13
    title = Unlucky For Some
    author = Bingo Man

    JSON Output:
    outputValue = {"":[{"id":"book13","author":"Bingo Man","title":"Unlucky For Some"}]}

    JSON Output (WANTED):
    outputValue = [{"id":"book13","author":"Bingo Man","title":"Unlucky For Some"}]

    This Pentaho doc.:
    ...seems to indicate that leaving 'Json bloc name' empty means it ignored and I'd get something like what I want above, but I still get the empty string at the start. Is this a bug that it's not ignored, or am I trying to achieve the simple but impossible?

    Thanks... AJ
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    The documentation reflects the latest changes to version 5 without saying so.

    In my version 4.4 I configure JSON Output to emit a field and follow it with a JSON Input step accessing $.blocname to get the result you want.
    So long, and thanks for all the fish.

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    Bumping this - are we saying the docs are incorrect? I don't want a "bloc name" on my JSON...

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