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Thread: Row denormaliser

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    Default Row denormaliser

    I looked at multiple examples for normalizing the rows from a JSON input (key-value) but haven't been able to achieve what I wanted so wanted to ask if it is limitation with Row Dermoaliser step or my lack of understanding on how it works (Transformation Attached - Row Demoraliser step in Question).

    Note:The number of columns is dynamic and it varies for different interaction_ids. Goal is to write all these values to a database table in desired output format.

    Here is the Current Output:

    1e359e664d0ca300e0667eec4|sentiment|she does a stellar, truthful job
    1e359e664d0ca300e0667eec4|sentiment|"""vaccines are safe and effective"
    1e359e664d0ca300e0667eec4|sentiment|and appreciate the opportunity.this
    1e359e664d0ca300e0667eec4|sentiment|persons who had adverse events or negative feedback about the vaccine
    1e359e664d0ca300e0667eec4|sentiment|, and not your typical

    Desired Output:

    1e359e664d0ca300e0667eec4|she does a stellar, truthful job|"""vaccines are safe and effective"|and appreciate the opportunity.this|persons who had adverse events or negative feedback about the vaccine|, and not your typical
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    You may not to use transformation with your real database credentials and http web service call (actually refuses connections for this particular transformation case) and use data grid or row generation to have some proof-of-concepts.

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    Thanks for responding. I haven't quite followed your post are you suggesting an answer or I reattach my example transformation?

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    With other words:

    • Don't attach transformations containing input steps pointing to local or private resources.
    • Always provide test data in data grids or text files.
    • Additionally, enable option "Only save used connections to XML" in Spoon.

    That way you definitely will avoid accidental disclosure of credentials and may stay in business.
    I guess that's what Dzmitry tried to tell you.

    As your desired output is concerned, you can't have multiple fields with the same name.
    So long, and thanks for all the fish.

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    Sure, thanks guys.

    Marabu, it doesn't necessaily have to be with the same name we can add a suffix (*_1) for the same column names. Basically I am trying to see if Row Normalizer can be more dynamic, or do I have to specify the column names (because the number of columns are not known until runtime0.
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