We are doing a PoC to connect to OpenLDAP 2.4 from Pentaho EE 5.0.2. For the PoC, LDAP structure used is Apache Jetspeed's publicly available tree structure.
The top most "ou" is "rootOrg" and "o" is "sevenSeas". Inside top most "ou", tree has three sub "ou"'s "Groups", "People"(users), "Roles"(roles).
We have queries on some of the LDAP properties that need to be set and need help to understand to set the values accordingly.
LDAP properties about which we are not very sure are : Group Role Attribute, Group Serach Base, Group Search Filter.
We have tried setting these properties to values "cn", "ou: ou=Groups,ou=rootOrg,o=sevenSeas" and "(roleOccupant=*)" respectively.
Has anyone tried connecting to openLDAP from Pentaho ? and exactly knows what values to be set in Pentaho for above mentioned properties ?