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Thread: jtds connector to SQL Server 2012

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    Default jtds connector to SQL Server 2012

    I am getting an "unknown packet type 0x6e" error writing to a SQL Server 2012 database, as reported in

    I am running kitchen 5.0.1

    I see a jtds-1.2.5.jar inside the ../pentaho-kettle/src/data-integration/lib directory. The Microsoft forum says that JTDS is not supported:

    My questions are

    1. Can I download the Microsoft JDBC 4.0 driver from and replace the JTDS driver with it? Does Pentaho use JTDS for anything besides SQL Server connections?
    2. Is Pentaho really using the JTDS driver to connect to SQL Server?
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    Sure you can add the MS JDBC driver to your driver collection.
    Since drivers from different vendors tend to have unique names, there's no need to do a replacement.
    Kettle doesn't use a driver all by itself, it's the database connection you configured and selected, that tells Kettle which driver is to be used.

    Should you find your JTDS driver to be outdated, replace it by a version more up-to-date. This would be a replacement, because the version number is part of the jar file.
    So long, and thanks for all the fish.

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