Hey there,

Our team is using pentaho report designer to designer reports with parameters. Previously we have a sales report, with multiple parameters. We store the report prpt file on sharepoint (microsoft application). After I download the sales report prpt file from sharepoint, I can still edit queries that existing in the report before. However, when I'm trying to add a new parameter, I create a query and choose it in the 'Query' dropdown menu (in adding parameter interface), it error out. The error message is "ReportDataFactoryException: Failed at query". Actually, when I am adding new parameters, even if I'm using previously existing query from the 'Query' dropdown menu, it also error out and give the same error message.

Any ideas? Is this is a known issue?

My developing environment is Windows 7. The report previously is developed on another machine and was stored on sharepoint.

Any feedback will be appreciated.

Thanks a lot